Our Story

In the summer of 2016, we established an overstock/liquidation retail store, Mile High Overstock. We turned to eCommerce as a supplemental sales channel and very quickly, our new business model morphed into 100% online sales.

We now represent manufacturers, brand-owners and our own private label products dba Mile High Online.

We strive to carry high-quality products and to provide educational materials to consumers and businesses where applicable.

Like Amazon, our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

Follow us as we transverse the eCommerce landscape. You can check out our  Amazon Products or contact us at info@milehighonline.org 

Learn more about us below:

  • Lori Rayl = mother, Chief
  • Abby Miller = daughter, sister, Captain
  • Parker Rayl = son, brother, Plebe
  • Panda Miller = dog, Mascot

Lori Rayl

Graduated McPherson Community College with a BS in Business. She obtained a Masters in Education from Emporia State University. Her career path included 17 years in education,  also time in Human Resources and Financial Planning.

Has special interests in education, watching sporting events including Football, Baseball and others.  She values time spent working alongside her two children and time spent with her super special grandchild.


Abby Miller

Graduated West Point Military Academy as an officer in the United States Army within the branch of Quartermaster. Served 8 years active duty with one deployment to Afghanistan. Attained Jump Master status and was accepted into the first group of woman to attend Ranger School, a program formerly exclusive to men.

Has special interests in woman’s health, Crossfit, hiking and nutrition.  She is married and has a new baby boy.


Parker Rayl

Graduated Kansas State University with BS in Microbiology. Completed 3 years at the University of Kansas School of Medicine in good standing. Decided against a future in medicine and joined the MHO team as co-owner in 2016.

Has special interest in nutritional supplements,  OTC medications, topicals, and NERF basketball. He is engaged to be married in October, 2018.



Panda Miller

Panda was born December 16, 2016 and effectively serves as warehouse dog, greeter, morale booster, and best friend to all.

Has special interests in ripping up tissue paper, chasing squirrels, playing with her toys and performing tricks for treats.